Everyone Wants to Know: what do you eat?

I get asked often about my nutrition when it comes to my training and sustaining energy and weight. I am vegan, which often leads to further questions from people. Do you get enough protein? Do you get enough calories to sustain high endurance sports? The questions are endless. The answer is yes. I do get enough protein, calories, and fat. It can be easy to overthink nutrition but keeping it simple is key for me.

My nutrition will vary depending on what my goals are. When I have high mileage weeks then my calories will increase, and the opposite occurs when I have low mileage weeks. I will burn thousands of calories in a day when I am training. This means that I don’t count calories at all, but rather make sure that I am eating quality food. I stay away from processed foods and eat whole foods. I am plant- based and my diet usually consists of nuts, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. However, I do not refrain from foods that I enjoy. I believe that it is important to have balance and to not extreme on any end. I will set little goals daily that helps to motivate and reward my myself after training sessions. For example, when I complete a five-hour bike ride on a Saturday, I will treat myself to a desired food for myself. It is also much easier today to enjoy meat alternative options that weren’t available years ago. These meat alternatives I add to my diet occasionally and not every single day. Like I said, I believe that balance is important and who doesn’t love a good guilty pleasure with food every now and then.

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