The Off-Season and Finishing Strong

People are always asking me how my training is going for the 2020 season and the truth is, I’m not training at the moment. But that doesn’t mean I’m slacking, either.

Having an “off-season” is important because it helps the mind and body recover from the high level of stress on your mind and body that come with a dedicated training schedule.

Almost every athlete loves off-season because it is the time to sleep in a little longer, enjoy extra time to hang with other people, and to just breathe a little. However, it is important to not relax too much. It may be my off-season, but I don’t want to lose the endurance and strength I gained the previous months.

It’s all about finding a balance that allows you to maintain what you have while giving your body a chance to recover. For me, this means training five days a week and hitting all three triathlon aspects at least three days a week, with two long training sessions.

With the holidays are right around the corner, these are the best months to enjoy an extra treat, training sessions with friends and family, and to go over the past year and get ready for the year ahead. There are about six more weeks of the off-season training cycle and then I am back to increasing my mileage and intensity.

2020 is right around the corner and I am so excited to get started on my new goals and check off my achievements. But I’m still going to give it my all as I wrap up 2019. In any race or training session, I fully believe in finishing strong and that is how we all should finish off this year!

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