The Power of Awareness

The Power of Awareness

I often listen to podcasts when I am training much more than I listen to music because I always love to learn and grow and listening to the same songs over and over gets old. The Rich Roll Podcast is one of my favorites. He is a vegan ultra-athlete that I have followed for years. On his podcast there are a wide variety of guest speakers that talk sports, veganism, awareness, and much more that really connects with me. I listened to a podcast titled “Awareness Is A Superpower” by Guru Singh this past weekend. It was very informative and inspiring to hear what awareness can do for people. Sometimes something that may seem so small can have a lasting and meaningful impact on someone else. As I continue training, I have met people along the way that ask me questions or make comments based on my shirts that I am wearing.

This past Saturday I was in a cycle class when a man came up to me after and asked about my shirt. I was wearing a 26 Rounds for Epilepsy shirt from an annual event that we host. He was shocked to hear the statistic that ‘one in every 26 people’ will develop epilepsy in their lifetime. A small interaction with someone can lead to so much more than we realize.

Take one day at a time, one workout at a time, and never stop spreading awareness for what means most to you. I am thankful and excited to meet many more people to talk about epilepsy and how they can get involved to help those in their community.

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