Not alone, but together

Most of the time when I’m training, I’m out there on my own. I’m alone in my thoughts, alone on the road, all up to me and me alone to get the job done.

But when it comes to the Ironman for Epilepsy race day, I’ll be anything but alone. When I leave that starting block I’ll have hundreds of people at my side. I’ll have the entire Epilepsy community, local businesses, family, friends and co-workers all virtually running with me, cheering me along and pushing me forward toward the finish line.

It doesn’t stop there. Everyone in my circle has his own circle which means even more chances to spread epilepsy awareness fundraise for the cause.

I won’t be running this race alone and thanks to the generous donations of my supporters, people in Northern California with epilepsy won’t have to go it alone, either. The money raised through Ironman for Epilepsy will go directly to providing even more programs for kids and adults with epilepsy. From summer camp to monthly meet-ups – we stand together.

I’ll be covering 140.6 miles when I run Ironman; won’t you please sponsor just one? Click the link below to go to the donation page. And thank you in advance for helping one more person with epilepsy lead a better life.


Help me reach my goal by sponsoring a mile or making a small donation. A few clicks can help change a life. Start here:

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