Nutrition For Overall Health

When it comes to training for an Ironman people know that it takes a lot of physical work, but nutrition is just as important and can’t be overlooked. Any productive training session can quickly become unproductive when the wrong foods are being consumed. Food has so much value to it and when it comes to Ironman training it is crucial that the body take in the proper fuel. I have been vegan for two years now and it has become a part of me. I am conscious of what I eat, but I also learned a whole new appreciation for food and the large variety that is out there.

People often think that, because I’m vegan, my food choices are very limited. The truth is, I have actually tried more varieties since being vegan. There are so many different protein sources, a vast array of fruits and vegetables, and I have really enjoyed learning the large varieties of mushrooms.

Cooking was not something I always enjoyed growing up, but I really enjoy it now and finding new vegan recipes to explore. It’s also been therapeutic during my training. I try not to get overwhelmed and focus on one day at a time but sometimes I do get anxious with my training as Ironman is quickly approaching. Exploring new recipes and trying new foods has given me not only a new appreciation for food but it’s also had a positive effect on my mental state. Sometimes I keep my eating simple, and other times I may spend a couple hours making food. Vegan calamari is definitely a favorite fried splurge that I like to make! I love to share new ideas with other vegans and people who are considering that path. So if you want to know about my favorite recipes, just ask!


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