Positive Mindset And Working Out at Home

Like many others, I am at a loss for words. Life is changing daily and there is a high level of uncertainty. Training a month ago, even a week ago, was far different than the current situation. I can still go outside and workout as long as I follow social distancing recommendations, leaving six feet of space between myself and others. Still, it doesn’t feel the same.

Everyone has a pattern and when that pattern is disrupted there is a mixture of emotional, physical and mental aspects in their life that are all impacted. COVID-19 has disrupted and changed many lives, and there is still anxiety and fear for the current and upcoming days and weeks ahead.

This adjustment to this new lifestyle has been difficult but it is important to look for the positive through all the uncertainty. Where did I start? One day at a time. Every day has changed, and every day has brought a new opportunity. There is so much that I can’t control, but one thing I can is my attitude and the gratitude!

My training hasn’t stopped, but I’ve had to become more flexible, finding new ways to workout at home. For example, I have my bike set up to an indoor trainer which has helped me to stay on top of the miles I need to reach each week. I have incorporated a lot of resistance training exercises and yoga. Resistance bands are a great tool to add to an at-home workout.

Now more than ever, we need to work out or just increase the amount and variety of movement indoors. Moving the body helps us focus and stay positive during these challenging times. You don’t have to lift weights or ride an indoor bike. Try yoga! Yoga is wonderful for flexibility, breath work, injury prevention, stress management and much more!

Even during a quarantine, having a routine will help keep you mentally and physically strong. If there are any triathletes that want to have a virtual training session together, please reach out to me! It is great to be social and workout with others — even if it is virtual!

Don’t forget your purple next Thursday, March 26th for International Day for Epilepsy aka Purple Day!


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